HANDS! Just like the face our hands are exposed to a lot of sun. Therefore, sun damage, age spots and hyperpigmentation is commonly found on our hands. IPL is used to reduce these signs of aging and to improve their appearance.
What is IPL? IPL, or limelight, is Intense Pulsed Light therapy that is used to target certain skin concerns, while improving the texture and tone of the skin. IPL delivers energy over a wide range of wavelengths, which means it targets multiple concerns at the one time.
This treatment involves a little discomfort much like a rubber band flicking onto the skin, however, most people find it tolerable. Immediately after treatment the skin may feel warm and appear pinky-red, much like a sunburn. There is 2-3 days of downtime, although this will vary from person to person.  Pigmentation will appear to be darker in the first week or so and then gradually lighten overtime. Depending on the concern and severity of the condition the amount of treatments will vary. Generally; 2-4 treatments with 4-6 week intervals may be required.
For any queries regarding IPL or skin rejuvenation email info@completeskinco.com.au
There is a secret to brightening dull skin and lightening pigmentation and it’s much easier than you think. Certain ingredients such as; retinol and kojic acid all help reduce pigmentation by lightning and brightening the skin.  Lucky for us Biopelle have created the KNR serum which can be used on the face and the hands. The KNR serum is the perfect concoction to improve skin tone. The key ingredients are formulated to lighten the skin while inhibiting the action of creating more pigmentation. You can say it’s brilliance in a bottle.  Best used in the PM after you cleanse and before you moisturise.
Before any laser treatment for pigmentation I recommend using a pigment inhibitor, such as KNR serum by Biopelle to prep the skin for future treatments and to have long lasting results.
If you have any queries about pigmentation or homecare come see me for a complimentary skin consultation and we can discuss what is best for you. 
If you have any questions about the redness within your skin feel free to email me on info@completeskinco.com.au or book a complimentary skin consultation online or over the phone so we can design a specific treatment plan for your skin.

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