Advanced Skin Treatments

Advanced Skin Treatments

Complete Skin Co. offers a range of non-invasive advanced skin treatments to help stimulate the skin natural healing process, and to promote collagen stimulation. Minimal to no downtime is associated with many of these treatments.


Tixel is a non-invasive, heat based treatment.It is NOT a laser, however, it stimulates the skin just like a laser with reduced downtime associated with ablative and non-ablativelasers.

By initiating a controlled wound Tixel stimulates the skin’s natural healing process. Allowing the activation of new collagen and elastin production, which improves skin quality and tone. Unlike laser, this treatment can treat fine lines under lash line and on the eye lid.

DOWNTIME:YES. The area will be red and swollen for 7 days.
SKIN CONCERNS:Sun damaged skin, loss of laxity in hands, acne scarring, small scars, stretch marks, loss of laxity around eyes, neck and face.
TIME:From 30mins.


Micro Needling regenerates the affected area by stimulating the production of collagen. By creating microchannels into deeper layers of the skin, we are initiating the body’s natural healing response. As a result, there is an improvement in the overall appearance of the skin concern.

DOWNTIME:YES. Redness and mild swelling up to 3 days. Dry skin up to 7 days may also be noticed.
SUITABLE FOR:All skin types.
SKIN CONCERNS:Acne, acne scarring, sun damaged skin, loss of laxity in hands, small scars, stretch marks, loss of laxity around eyes, neck and face.
TIME:From 30mins.


Epidermal Levelling is a pain free effective clinical treatment that deeply exfoliates the surface layers of the skin. A specific scalpel blade is safely used to remove dead skin cells as well as fine facial hairs (peach fuzz).

Epidermal levelling improves texture and tone of the skin while enhancing penetration of active ingredients. This procedure is suitable for all skin types.

SUITABLE FOR:All skin types.
SKIN CONCERNS:Rough texture, fine facial hair.
COST:From $195


Mask Peel is a chemical peel suitable for oily/acne prone skin types. It helps improve the quality of the skin by regulating oil and sebum production, tightening pores as well as brightening a dull complexion.

DOWNTIME:None, mild dryness.
SUITABLE FOR:All skin types.
SKIN CONCERNS:Acne, congested, oily skin, dilated pores and excessive sebum.


Milk Peel is a gentle yet effective chemical peel. While removing all dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, the milk peel also helps to improve hydration levels, dull complexions, boosts collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and regulates oily skin. The Milk Peel gives an instance glow with little to no downtime.

DOWNTIME:None, mild dryness.
SUITABLE FOR:All skin types.
SKIN CONCERNS:For fine lines, dull complexion and loss of tone.


Cosmo Peel is a chemical peel that focuses on restoration of smoker’s complexion, wrinkles and pigmentation disorders. By soothing and improving texture and tone, the Cosmo peel reduces signs of aging, stimulate collagen and elastin production and reduces the appearance of acne and pigment spots.

DOWNTIME:Yes. Dryness, flaking and peeling may occur..
SUITABLE FOR:Fitzpatricks skin types I-III.
SKIN CONCERNS:Wrinkles, sundamage, superficial pigmentation and acne.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, non-painful exfoliation of the skin. A diamond tip is used to exfoliate the most out layers of the skin while vacuuming them away, leaving the skin feeling smoother and more vibrant.

SUITABLE FOR:All skin types.
SKIN CONCERNS:Congested, acne and dull complexion.
COST:From $149

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All treatments are performed by a fully qualified dermal clinician, supported by the General Practice team at Rivergum Village Medical Centre.

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