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My name is Lauren and I’ve been a Registered Nurse since 2012. During my career, I’ve worked a variety of clinical roles, but found that maintaining wellness – as opposed to treating sickness – is where my passion lies. As a cosmetic injector, I love helping my clients enhance their natural beauty and create a look they can be proud of.

Cosmetic Injectables and Cost

Prices listed are PER treatment. Prices are subject to change.

Cosmetic Injectables Cost
Cosmetic Injectable Consultation Complimentary
Lip Fillers (1ml) $589
Fillers all areas (1ml) $599
Fillers (2ml) $999
Fillers (3ml) $1399
Wrinkle Reduction Treatment $7 per unit
Frown $299
Crows $319
2 areas (approx. 100 units) eg: crows and frown $499

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The Complete Skin Co. team recommends a complimentary consultation with the cosmetic nurse prior to any cosmetic injectable treatment.
A cosmetic injectable consultation will include a full assessment, the price/ quote of area of concern, side effects and after-care required.

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