Healite II LED


Healite II is a LOW-Level Light Therapy ( LLLT) that uses incident light to photomodulate cellular function. By doing so, Healite improves healing times, relieving pain, subsiding active acne and promoting skin rejuvenation.
SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
SKIN CONCERNS: Acne, wound healing, skin rejuvenation, pain relief, increase blood flow to tissue and relief of muscle and joint pain. Healite II is also used in conjunction with other treatments at Complete Skin Co.
TIME: From 15mins
COST: $89. Add on $49

Treatment Information

The Healite II consists of 6 lamps surrounding the face or other location of the body. Slight warmth is felt gradually felt throughout the treatment.
Oatients can receive up to 3 treatment a week for 6 weeks. However, the number of treatments will vary per person.


Minimise sun exposure and apply SPF daily.

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All treatments are performed by a fully qualified dermal clinician, supported by the General Practice team at Rivergum Village Medical Centre.

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