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Laser and light Pigmentation treatment – freckles, solar lentigos, and Post inflammatoryhyperpigmentation and other unwanted pigmentary disorders can be treated with a Laser and/or light treatment. By utilising a range of wavelengths, pigmentation removal is achieve by the theory of selective photothermolysis. Pigmentation removal is not suited for all skins types, therefore, a consultation is recommended before treatment.
DOWNTIME: Yes 2 weeks.
SUITABLE FOR: Fitzpatricks skin types I-III.
SKIN CONCERNS: Freckles, solar lentigo, sun damage, hyperpigmentation.
TIME: 20mins to 60mins.
COST: From $149.

Treatment Information

Slight discomfort during treatment. The pigmentation will darken and will gradually lighten in the following 7 days.

More than one treatment may be recommended to achieve optimal results.

Prep skin with KNR serum and SPF 2 weeks before treatment. Stop all active products 3 days before treatment.
SPF must be worn daily. Continue active products 4 days post treatment.

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All treatments are performed by a fully qualified dermal clinician, supported by the General Practice team at Rivergum Village Medical Centre.

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