MiraDry is a non-surgical sweat reduction and odour procedure and is now available at Complete Skin Co. The MiraDry device delivers electromagnetic (microwave) energy to the underarm sweat glands to permanently reduce excessive underarm sweating for long term results.

DOWNTIME:Minimal to no down time, Patients report feeling localised soreness/tenderness and slightly swollen which generally dissipates a few weeks post treatment.
SUITABLE FOR:Anyone who is sick and tired of excessive and bothersome underarm sweat and odour.
TIME:60-75 mins

Please visit our dedicated website www.melbournesweatclinic.com.au for more detailed information.

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MiraDry® is a clinically proven, FDA and TGA approved solution for significantly reducing underarm sweat and odour. MiraDry® works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area, eliminating the sweat glands. It is a non-invasive treatment, with no to minimal downtime with expected immediate results. There has been no long-term risks as only small portion of sweat glands reside in the underarm. The treatment does not involve surgical incisions. Local anaesthesia is used before the treatment commences to ensure comfortability and is customised for the underarm region only (Hair is also targeted). This service is offered at Complete Skin Co. as an alternative to sweat reduction injections.
Complete Skin Co is a registered clinic with the Miradry Device. The Doctors and medical staff at Complete Skin Co will provide you with a full medical assessment of your condition to ensure you are the right candidate prior to performing this treatment.

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All treatments are performed by a fully qualified dermal clinician, supported by the General Practice team at Rivergum Village Medical Centre.

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